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Big SKY 
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Elevating Our Big Sky

All who are connected to the Big Sky real estate community recognize both the beauty and the challenges that face this small, resort community, from affordability to sustainability to ensuring that the youth have the services they need to thrive.
We are in it together.

Join us in elevating Big Sky through the Real Estate Collective, an opportunity for our real estate community to engage with buyers, sellers, and other partners to match dollars that are being collected toward community endeavors. It’s an easy way to give back 1%, get involved, and address our biggest challenges. Together, we can secure the future of Big Sky as a place where all people can live and thrive.

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Who We Are

The Big Sky Real Estate Collective was created on a belief that we can positively steer the future of our community. Seeing our challenges, know that working together can have a great impact. Agents and brokers are stepping forward and pledging financial resources to help address Big Sky’s most pressing issues: affordable housing, childcare, access to behavioral health resources, and environmental initiatives. 

Now, we’re inviting you to join us in being part of the solution.

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How It Works

Agents and Brokers who join the Collective agree to donate 1% of their gross commissions to Elevate Big Sky, the nonprofit dedicated to addressing the current issues associated with growth and development in the Big Sky community. Buyers and Sellers who are interested in helping Big Sky grow and thrive into the future are encouraged to make matching tax-deductible gifts. It’s simple and impactful collaborative. As the Collective grows, so does its impact. It is estimated that this initiative could yield, at minimum, $500,000 annually. That number grows exponentially as more real estate professionals, Buyers, and Sellers join in The Collective.

Watch Us Lead

As we come together, we can accomplish great things. This Collective is committed to leading healthy growth in our community by ensuring that all have access to affordable housing, childcare, and behavioral health services and other initiatives continuously identified by Elevate Big Sky.

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Watch Us Grow

By choosing to donate, you are helping to create a better future for the people of Big Sky. It is truly an opportunity to support your neighbors and shape the community. Together we can secure Big Sky’s future as a healthy, vibrant place for generations.

Let’s give back to Big Sky, together.

Get Involved

Join us! We invite you to participate in the Collective by making a donation in support of the Big Sky community.